Basic Information
Race Cat
Type Small sized cat
Gender Male
Personal Information
Age Presumably 18
Hometown Karou
Height 173 cm (~ 5' 8")
Possible race change Devil

Rai (Possible lover)
Asato (Possible lover)
Bardo (Possible lover)

Family Shui (Father, deceased)

Unknown (Mother, deceased)

Skills/Abilities Empathy
Sanga's instrument Voiceless
Other Information
Voice actor Hatano Kazutoshi
Konoe (コノエ) is the main protagonist of Lamento. He's from the village of Karou, where he lived alone after his parent's death. He is self-conscious of his tail, which is hooked at the end. He doesn't like being around fire, so he keeps his room lit at night with a Michishirube no Ha

Appearance Edit


Konoe is a young and small cat yet, being called "child","brat" or "pipsqueak" by Bardo, Mana and Verg. His ears and tail originally were white and light brown in the tip, these changed to black when the devils' curse appeared. His tail is crooked in the end, Konoe has a complex about this fact. However, in their routes, Rai, Asato, and Bardo compliment his tail and tell him that they like his tail.


Konoe seems to be a loner, living alone in a house in the forest, but in fact really enjoys the company of others and is pretty open. He's very friendly and loyal to his friends. He has the common sense to know when killing is necessary, but ultimately really hates any kind of cruelty. He's very self-confident and won't stand for being harassed. There are only two things that he considers himself to be insecure about; his crooked tail, and terrible sense of direction. Apart from that, he believes that the anger, sadness and loneliness can be changed into a power to push him to go forward.


(Incoming soonish)

Lamento - CG 04

The protagonist, Konoe, discovers strange markings on his arms as the story begins to unfold.

Do you know, then help us.


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