Basic Information
Gender Female
Personal Information
Age Around 20-21
Other Information
Mana (マナ) is a supporting character in Lamento. She's one of the few females introduced in the game. She works in a brothel in Ransen.


Mana was born in a village near the Kagamiko. A few years before the game, the people in her village started sacrificing the women (who were virgins) to a dragon that lives inside a cave in Kagamiko.

Rai routeEdit

Bardo route Edit


She has a rather bold and aggressive nature, not hesitating to scold Rai and Konoe for coming in without knocking.


Although her thin ankles and wrists seem as if they could break she gives off a soft impression. Her features are rather small on the whole, except for the large scar on her cheek.


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